Drone Deployment

Friday Lunch Drone from Buzz on Vimeo.

Earlier this week, students in my video production class wanted me to help them with their lunch menu segment by flying our drone. The footage was captured high above our middle school and was featured in last week’s broadcast of “The Eagle Report,” our school’s weekly video program produced by kids, for kids.

The drone, a DJI Phantom 4 PRO+ (Plus 5.5″ built-in screen), is the latest tool in our video production equipment cabinet.
Due to the strong winds produced by the high speed of the drone’s four propellers, we had to weigh down the paper with staplers and keys to keep it from blowing away. To achieve the desired effect of the drone dropping quickly to the ground, we reversed the clip and sped it up nearly 400% in post-production using Apple’s Final Cut Pro editing software. To see the Lunch Menu segment in its entirety, fast forward the video below to the 5 minute, 13 second mark.

er2-20-18 from Buzz on Vimeo.

Before flying the drone, you should make sure to visit the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) website and read the rules on how to register your drone. Registration only costs $5. The website offers important safety considerations, rules, and restrictions. There are also other great resources, including Drone Safety Tips.¬†There’s even an easy-to-use smartphone app called B4UFLY that helps unmanned aircraft operators determine whether there are any restrictions or requirements in effect at the location where they want to fly.

Does your school own a drone? What are some ways you use a drone to improve teaching and learning? Share your ideas in the comment section.


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